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Don’t believe what we say. Read what some of our past home sellers have said about selling to us.

Leigh McD.

Recently we decided to move house, as our current home wasn’t meeting our needs.

We found a property that we really liked and because of the situation it was necessary that we made a cash offer and our finance was approved, in order for us to be able to do this we needed to have sold our own home.

We had spoken to other people about buying our home privately but we got a run – round and we didn’t want to involve real estate agents due to the fees and the time factor.

Toby made us an offer that meant we could get moved and we still had the ability to market our home if we thought we could get more for it.

It was a straightforward process and suited us well as we could move directly from one house to the other without hassle and in the time we wanted.

We found the We Buy Houses people easy to get on with, friendly and we knew where we stood, so there was no mucking about.

Yours sincerely, Leigh

P.S. Toby always acted courteously and professionally in all matters relating to the above, we found him to be extremely helpful, polite and accommodating. He made our experience hassle free. Highly recommend him to future prospective home buyers/sellers.

Toia McD.

Daniel H.

I decided it was time to sell my house, but did not want the hassle of real estate agents, and their added cost.

Also the house needed a bit of work to get it into selling condition.

I saw the sign from “We Buy Houses” and thought I would give them a call.

Toby came round and saw me that night and after a brief look and a chat, we came to an agreed price and signed a deal I was happy with!

Toby was friendly and easy to talk to, and accommodated our needs.

I would recommend him to those wanting to sell their house hassle free.

Regards, Daniel

Deanna M.

We bought a house 5 years ago, a handyman’s dream, that started out great, putting in a new driveway, an alarm system, a DVS system and a brand new fireplace.

Circumstances then changed, jobs and hours changed and instead of becoming a handyman’s dream it became a nightmare, as we no longer had the time to put into renovations.

We decided to sell, but knew it would sit on the market for a long time in the condition it was in. We then saw an advertisement in the local newspaper (Hutt News) 0800 WE BUY HOUSES. We decided to give them a call and see what it was all about.

We discussed options over the phone, what we were looking for, and made an appointment to meet Toby the following day. Toby came around, was extremely friendly and professional, went through the house, asked us what we wanted for it, and it all went from there!

I found Toby extremely helpful. The service provided was fast and efficient, we were able to sell our home and move into another home (renovation free) with no hassles at all. I highly recommend this company as a way to sell your home quickly and hassle free, no Agent’s fees involved, so there is more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Jeffrey P.

In the last few months I had been looking at selling up and moving on so I contacted the We Buy Houses people about selling my home.

I had listed it with an Agent before, but was unsuccessful in selling the property at that time.

I was given a number of different options that I could take, but at that time I chose to stay put, however a month later I decided to move.

Maintaining the house and meeting my obligations was becoming a hassle.

Toby fixed my short term problems and this took the pressure off, then I was able to move in my own time and it worked well as I could move straight from my property to my new home.

I was happy dealing with Toby and he made the process reasonably smooth so there was little I had to do.

Yours sincerely, Jeffrey

Sheralean L.

I, Sheralean Lamb, gave We Buy Houses a ring. I was speaking with Toby, we made an appointment to meet and discuss my situation. We talked about selling my home and other options.

I found Toby to be polite, understanding, open, honest and fair and found him very friendly and helpful in my discussion making.

Well I sold my home to We Buy Houses, they gave me a good deal;, also they gave me adequate time to move and relocate. The sale went extremely well and I would recommend clients to We Buy Houses to sell their properties.

Well Toby keep up the good work, you have been a great help to me and my family and we just want to thank you very much.

Yours sincerely, Sheralean

Gary A.

During April this year, my Wife and I decided to sell our house. We saw a phone number attached to a fence, stating We Buy Houses, we rang the number and spoke to Toby about the sale of our house.

Within a day, Toby came round and viewed the house and then proceeded to go about the buying of the house. He was very helpful in whatever questions we had to ask him, he even provided us with Lawyer contacts with whom he has dealt with before.

We got a satisfactory price from Toby for the house and the deal was all over within a matter of three to four weeks. We have no hesitation in recommending that people whom are looking to sell their houses using Toby.

Another point is that you save on land agent’s fees.

Yours sincerely, Gary

Greti K.

Recently we approached 0800 We Buy Houses via a flyer my ex-husband had received in the mail.

We were both no longer living in the property and it had come time to move on.

After a meeting with Toby we agreed on price and terms that met our expectations.

We were happy with the way things went, and even when family circumstances changed during the settlement period, Toby was accommodating.

We would recommend doing business with 0800 We Buy Houses.

Charlie N.

I contacted Toby on the website and he came around and we had a chat, we agreed to sell at a price and we agreed to a date I was happy with.

Kelly L. H.

I am writing this letter to confirm that I sold my house to Toby, and that I am happy with the sale price agreement and the date we settled.

Yours faithfully, Kelly

Ian V.

I contacted Toby through an advert in the local paper. Frustrated at my Tenants I decided to sell my house. Upon contacting Toby he was very prompt in coming over and inspecting the house. I was very pleased with the agreement we came to.

He has always been helpful and always prompt in calling me back.

I wish him and his business all the best and I’m very grateful for him relieving me of the stressful position I was in.

Rosalie H.

I had my house on the market with a real estate agent for 3 months. And although I had a few offers on the house, things didn’t work out.

Since I had already bought another house, I wasn’t particularly happy with the situation.

My daughter knew this and saw the ad for 0800 We Buy Houses and filled out the form on their website about my situation. When the contract with the real estate agent expired. I met Toby at my house and there and then sold it.

It was quick and hassle free, and the settlement was about 10 days later, which worked well for me.

I am very happy with the service I received from Toby and do not hesitate to give my recommendation.

Yours sincerely, Rosalie

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