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Your 0800 We Buy Houses Team

Hi, I’m Toby. I live with my wife and two children in North Auckland. Born in Hawke’s Bay, over the years I have also lived in Wanganui, the Hutt Valley and in Europe.

I have deployed on operations with the New Zealand Army, have worked as a canvas fabricator and have been involved in security work in the U.K. before entering into the property world.

Having been involved in property since 1996 means I’ve got the depth of experience and knowledge to provide home sellers with a multitude of solutions. I operate We Buy Houses in Auckland.

Not only have I gained my knowledge here in New Zealand, I have also taken training in Australia and the United States to get strategies others here may not have. Having moved house over seven times and been involved with numerous property sales, I understand first hand the hassles associated with selling your home.

I am fully committed to providing great customer service by giving sellers the opportunity to meet when it suits them.

My focus is to bring creative solutions to real estate problems and create outcomes that are favourable to everybody. A good outcome is where both sides are happy.

I’m also a renovation junkie, and am often found involved in do-ups, with a paint brush in hand or overseeing a project.

When not involved with property transactions I can often be found participating in water sports or out in the vege garden.

What We’re About

As you can see, we’re just normal people just like you, though we’re in the business of buying houses. It’s our specialty and passion; we love it because we get rewarded for creating win/win outcomes.

We believe in the words of Zig Ziglar who said:

“To get what you want in life all you’ve got to do is help enough other people get what they want”.

Buying and selling a house is mostly about finance, homes are about people and families, so what we do is find out what your needs are as a person and family so we can both achieve our financial needs.

We are NOT involved with buy back schemes or such related things. Our business is run in a professional, ethical manner and we have many positive testimonials from people we have dealt with.


Free to phone us anytime

It won’t put you out of pocket to learn if we can help.

Confidential obligation

Free chat to find out if we can help you achieve your goals.

No hassle alternative solutions

Because getting your home sold should be easier.


No jargon, fast talk or nonsense

Just straight talk and sensible ideas you are free to choose to listen to or not.

Why advertise

We us a number of different marketing strategies to let you know we are there. After all, if we didn’t advertise you wouldn’t know about us, would you?

No commission

Most people think their only option when selling a house is to list with a real estate agent. However, this is not the case. When you sell by private sale you’ll pay no real estate commission.

0800 We buy houses

0800 we buy houses is not a franchise, private sale company and nor are we real estate agents. We are people from your local area or region who advertise using the 0800 we buy houses banner and number.

We have spent a significant amount of time and money studying the real estate business in New Zealand and overseas.

When selling your house, we can provide you with many solutions to meet your independent needs, situation and desired outcome.

We offer you alternatives to selling your house other than through agents, because you will be dealing with the person who wants to buy your house – us.

Save On Real Estate Agent Fees

Save Money On Marketing Costs

Avoid The Normal Hassles And Keep The Cash In Your Pocket

So if you’re serious about selling, we’re serious about buying. Why go through all the hassle when you can get your house sold today? Just go to sell your property now and fill out our online questionnaire or call us today on 0800 932 894 (0800 We buy houses).

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