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We’re not real estate agent’s, we’re private buyers so the process is incredibly simple and easy.

We can provide same-day solutions, where we handle all the paperwork and we can purchase without contingencies and pay you all cash, creating peace of mind and an easy stress-free process, now you can get moved when it suits you, saving you both time and money. We’ll discuss with you, your house and what it is you are trying to achieve.

From here we normally arrange a convenient time to meet you and view your property.We’ll discuss your needs and tailor a solution to cater to your independent requirements, our focus is to create an outcome you’re happy with and we’re happy with too.

Sell When it’s Convenient

Remember there’s no need to work in with someone else’s time frame – choose your own, when it’s best for you, either long or short settlement, whichever is most convenient.

You won’t have countless people wandering through your home at bad times, always wondering if and when they’ll buy. All you need to do is make one call to us (0800 932 894) – it’s just that simple.

Real Estate Agent Fees

Sell AS is Where is

We purchase properties, as is where is, in any condition, why spend your precious time and money on your old property when you can put it toward where you’re going? We’ll work with you personally to create a solution that you’re happy with, that meets your needs.

You’ll save on Agents fees and marketing costs because we don’t charge any – keep the money in your pocket! We offer you a friendly, flexible alternative to get moved, others have made a happy choice (testimonials) and we trust you will too, either call us free on 0800 We Buy Houses (0800 932 894) or fill out our we buy houses questionnaire now.


Common Questions

Are you real estate agents?

We are not Agents and we are not associated with any Real Estate company. Who are we? We are private buyers. We are people just like you who simply buy houses from people in all

sorts of areas all over town in different price ranges and condition. We don’t list houses – we buy them!

Are there fees and commissions?

You don’t pay us – We pay you! Because we want to buy your house, we pay you, normally all cash on the day of your choice. We don’t charge for our service, providing solutions that meet your needs so you can do business is how we are rewarded. Our testimonials from past clients speak for themselves.

What happens if my house needs repairs, is a mess, or I’ve got people I don’t want to deal with living there?

We buy houses as is where is and can deal with almost any problem. Simply fill out the confidential questionnaire or call direct 0800 WE BUY HOUSES (0800 932 894) now to see how we can help you today.

What type of houses do you buy and how much will you give me?

We buy all sorts of properties and can pay good money for your house, it really depends on a number of things including: size, condition, location, situation and how we can best meet your needs. Every house and person’s situation are different. We treat everything on a case-by-case scenario.

How can we trust you?

Dealing with somebody you trust is very important. You may feel unsure, other people have felt the same way and what they’ve found is we are easy to deal with and hassle free – however don’t take our word for it, read the we buy houses testimonials of people we’ve helped.

What we have learnt is if you do right by somebody they will do right by you and after all these years we must be doing something right!

What Do You Do With The Houses?

We work closely with mortgage brokers, home buyers and people wanting accommodation; we help these people into homes, so when we purchase your property, we get paid by these people – not you.

How quick a response can I expect from you?

As soon as we receive your online seller questionnaire we look at what it is you want and what your situation is. We aim to get back to you ASAP, normally in less than 24hrs.

If that’s too long or you haven’t heard from us in that time, call us directly on 0800 WE BUY HOUSES (0800 932 894) now.

How much does it cost to sell?

When you call 0800 we buy houses (0800 932 894) and we purchase your house the cost to you is nil (excluding normal legal fees). You see you don’t pay us – we pay you!

We can buy your house as is, for cash, on the date of your choice.

But what’s the catch you may ask? There isn’t one. We can pay up to fair market value for your property depending on your desired time frame and outcome.

With other methods the cost to you could run into thousands upon thousands…

Example For a Traditional House Sale Over 3 months

$600,000 Sale Price (figures may differ depending on your situation)
Real estate agent’s fees (3-5% of sale price +GST) $20,700
Marketing costs $1,000
Lawn and garden care ($30pw) $120
Property maintenance & repairs ($5,000 p.a) $288
Mortgage payments on e.g. $500,000 ($25,000 p.a) $6,250
Carpet cleaning $180
House cleaning $200
Rates ($1,500 p.a) $375
Insurance ($1000 p.a) $57
Total cost to sell (or more?) $29,170

Plus people snooping through your house invading your privacy and inconveniencing you with people who won’t buy anyway.

Why make all these payments when we could buy your house today, the hassle free way – for cash?

Call 0800 932 894 now or fill out our online we buy houses questionnaire for a free consultation on how we can help you right away and get you moved when it best suits you.

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