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You can get $500 minimum or a free DVD player if you call us about a house or people who are keen to sell, and we buy the house!

new zealand moneyYou can make as much money as you want by simply giving us the leads or referring people to us, the only condition is that in order for us to pay you, we must buy the house and we need to know that you did the referral.

Simply now go to the we buy houses questionnaire, fill it out best you can, tick referral; send it to us or call 0800 we buy houses (0800 932 894) with your information.  When the settlement for the house has gone through, we'll give you a cheque for $500 minimum or hand you a DVD player.

We will even make a donation to the charity of your choice if you'd prefer. No gimmicks, you help us - we'll help you.

The more houses you find us, the more money you'll make!  How does an extra grand a week sound?

Please note, individuals or entities are not employed in any capacity and you are responsible for your own tax liability.


Would you like to join the 0800 we buy houses network?

Become part of New Zealand's most recognised real estate private buying team with individuals throughout the country running their own businesses but using the leverage of national branding, marketing and advertising.

If you have a passion for people and property, are reliable, honest and ethical and have the ability to create favourable outcomes for all parties plus have a good understanding of creative real estate solutions and want to get paid for it - then join us.

You'll have direct access to people in your area,

through this website (ranked top end of Google, Yahoo & MSN) and 0800 phone network, there's an answer service backup and you'll receive training in marketing plus you'll have the ability to work in with other like-minded people in your industry.

You'll gain the advantage of working with experienced business owners at a mere fraction of what it would cost you to do it all yourself.

If there's a location you'd like to be involved in (taken or not) contact us now to find out more, and learn how we could help you become part of the network for a whole lot less than you'd imagine.


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