We Buy Houses - Are You Keen To Sell Your Property?

We Buy Houses Makes It Easy, With No Fees Or Hassles

We can offer you a private cash sale for your Auckland house with no Agent’s fees or sales commissions, you’ll be able to sell your home for free (excl. Lawyers costs) and we can agree to purchase your house on the date that best suits you, just contact we buy houses today and talk to us about a settlement that suits you, so you can move to a new home or...

Sell a House On The Date That’s Best For You

This means a short (quickly) or long time frame (which ever you’d prefer), even with no contingencies so your house is sold with minimum fuss and hassle, people love selling their house this way – they tell us - have a look at our testimonial page.

We’re Not Real Estate Agents

Nor are we associated with any real estate sales company, we are a group of individuals who live in the community and purchase houses, homes and all kinds of real estate by private sale all over New Zealand.

0800 we buy houses is our number because that’s just what we do, we buy houses and are as serious about buying your house as you are about selling.

We Don’t List Houses – We Buy by Private Sale, Auckland Wide!

We Buy Homes Of All Types

People have sold all different types of homes to us testimonials, from single family homes to multiple dwellings, it doesn’t matter if your house is good, bad or ugly.

We buy houses in any condition, area or price range and situation.

We also buy relocatable houses in the North Island. If you're looking for house moving companies then contact us as we buy directly and can move houses quickly.

The advantage of dealing with us is you’ll be dealing directly with the person who is genuinely interested in purchasing your piece of real estate.

What we pay for houses depends on the condition, time frame, situation, location and similar factors.

No two houses, homes or properties or peoples situations are alike so we discuss your needs and your specific situation with you, it’s always case by case.


Who Are The People Who Advertise 0800 We Buy Houses?

We are people just like you, though we’re in the business of buying houses.

Each of us operates under the 0800 we buy houses number and we have people in most parts of NZ.

We’re not a big company, we are made up of individuals and families who live right in your community.

To learn more go to about us.

Because we’re not real estate agent’s, we’re private property buyers we work directly with you and we only form an agreement when you’re happy and we’re happy – if we can’t agree, they’ll be no sale so you’ll be in the same position still –

It’s No Cost to You, We Offer Obligation Free Consultations

Your free to email us, talk to us and free to phone too!

0800 we buy houses (0800 932 894) is our phone number so it’s easy and free to call us when it’s most convenient for you, if we don’t answer you’ll get one of our friendly staff who’ll be able to take your message or you can contact us through this website.


How Do We Make Our Money?

We work closely with home buyers, real estate mortgage brokers and people seeking accommodation and houses, so when we purchase your property we get paid by these people – not you.

Reputation to most is important - it is to us anyway and we’ll show you the respect and privacy you’d expect and deserve.

We’ve been around for over a decade and we believe this is because we treat people right.

You only have to read our testimonials to get a feel for this, take a look or simply call us 0800 932 894 to hear how we may be able to help you too. Sell my own home.

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